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    Custom Profile Rail Options


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    When your design requires precision linear motion – whether it’s retrofit into an existing system or designed into a new one – profile rail linear guides and carriage assemblies are an optimal choice.

    Why Thomson Profile Rail Linear Guides?

    Continuing the decades-long tradition of high-quality, innovative and precise linear motion products, Thomson profile rail linear guides are available in a variety of sizes and styles with features that can be matched to your exact application requirements.

    Customization Options

    When your design requirements call for something outside of the standard Thomson offering, it’s no problem. Our experienced support team can work with you to create the optimal solution for your application.

    Where can you get started?

    Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the profile rail purchase decision process:

    • This article compares the three most commonly used profile architectures and explores the performance trade-offs that must be considered in finding the optimal configuration for your application. 

    • How to choose between the main types of linear technologies, and how to design automation systems that deliver optimal performance using design requirements, rather than cost, as the primary consideration in selecting linear components.

    • Round or Square? Which is the Ideal Linear Guide for Your Application

      Advancements in load capacity, life and ease of manufacture allowed an ever-widening range of applications to benefit from nearly friction free linear guidance. Since the introduction of the square, or profile rail, linear guide in the 1970s, the design engineer has been faced with the pivotal question: round or square?

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    • For most manufacturers, the financial cost of machine downtime can be significant, resulting in the loss of thousands or even millions of dollars. Small investments in routine and preventive maintenance, however, can pay off many times over.


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